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🔴 YouTube Watchtime [NEW – STABLE with current UPDATES 🔥]

$ 9,00$ 148,00

🔴 YouTube Watchtime [NEW – STABLE with current UPDATES 🔥] [Video MUST be +60 Mins] [Start time: Within 24 Hours] [Speed: 100-250 Hours/Day] [Refill: 30 Days]

– please put Video Link
– Video Length MUST be +60 Mins [ No refund if you added video less than 60 Mins]
– Do not remove or make video private after putting the order

– PLEASE do NOT put more than 1 order for the same link at the same time to avoid the overlap and we CAN’T CANCEL the order is this case.
– Requirements :
Video MUST BE MINIMUM OF 60 Mins ( IF you put a video less than 60 mins then you will receive less hours and NO refill or cancellation in this case at all so please make sure that you are ordering correctly )

Note :
The system does not have a separate counter, we look on the number of views displayed on the video to mark complete, so if having natural views in the process, watch time will probably not be reached

– Start time : Within 24H
– Speed : Up to 100-250 Hours/Day
– Refill = 60 Days

Important :
– Do not make video private after receiving Watchtime and try to make original content

– If the video got deleted or private the order will be marked as completed and we can’t cancel in this case


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